Bomacron Submittal Package


Gather a package of real time product information for your project in a single file.

· Select a package of required product information from the list of documents below

· The selected documents will be downloaded as a single file package.

· Create a spec/submittal and add it to the product information package.

STEP 1: Product Information

STEP 2: Supporting Documentation

Bomanite Standard Colour Chart

Chemical Stain Colour

Con-Colour Colour Chart

Concrete Dye Colour Chart

11 1/2" Random Boardwalk DWG

12" Braided Border DWG

12" Coquina DWG

12" Granite DWG

12" Sandblast Limestone DWG

16"x16" Slate DWG

24" Coquina DWG

24" Limestone DWG

29" Sandblast Limestone DWG

3-D Graphics DWG

4"x4" Granite Setts DWG

48" Limestone DWG

6" Random Boardwalk DWG

Adoquin Tile DWG

Ashlar Slate DWG

Basketweave Boardwalk DWG

Basketweave Brick DWG

Basketweave Used Brick DWG

Boardwalk DWG

Canyon Stone DWG

Circular Granite Stone Tool A DWG

Circular Granite Stone Tool B DWG

Circular Granite Stone Tool C DWG

Circular Granite Stone Tool D DWG

Creek Stone DWG

English Sidewalk Slate DWG

Fieldstone DWG

Fishscale Belgian Block DWG

Fishscale Cobblestone DWG

Fishscale Granite Radius DWG

Fishscale Granite Setts DWG

Flagstone DWG

Garden Stone DWG

Herringbone Brick DWG

Herringbone Granite DWG

Herringbone Slate DWG

Herringbone Used Brick DWG

Hex Tile DWG

La Paz Stone DWG

Large Sandstone DWG

Limestone Sandblast Octagon Paver DWG

Mediterranean Tile DWG

Medium Ashlar Slate DWG

Mission Sandblast Limestone DWG

Moorish Tile DWG

Paramount Graphics DWG

Pershing Square Graphics DWG

Random Slate A DWG

Random Slate B DWG

Random Slate C DWG

Random Slate D DWG

Random Stone DWG

River Rock DWG

Riverside Slate DWG

Roman Cobble DWG

Running Bond Belgian Block DWG

Running Bond Brick DWG

Running Bond Cobblestone DWG

Running Bond Coquina DWG

Running Bond Granite DWG

Running Bond Regular Slate DWG

Running Bond Sandblast Limestone DWG

Running Bond Tile DWG

Running Bond Used Brick DWG

Stacked Bond Brick DWG

Sandstone Octagon Tile DWG

Small Random Slate DWG

Small Sandstone DWG

Sn Isidro Used Brick DWG

Soldier Course Brick DWG

Soldier Course Used Brick DWG

Stacked Bond Used Brick DWG

Tile DWG

Wood End Grain DWG

Bomanite Life Cost Analytis - Data Sheet

Bomanite / Bomacron - Guide Spec

Bomanite Colour Hardener - MSDS

Bomanite Release Agent - MSDS

General Guidelines

Bomanite ADA Compliance

Bomanite Colour Hardener Guideline

STEP 3: Add More Products to Sumittal

Bomacron Imprinted Concrete System





Patene Teres

Revealed by Bomanite

Sandscape Texture

Molded Pulp Former Fully Grassed/Emergency Access System

Reusable Former Fully Grassed/Emergency Access System

Molded Pulp Former Stone Filled Void/Parking and Access System

Molded Pulp Former Void Grassed/Parking and Access System

Bomanite Thin-Set II - Exterior Application

Bomanite Thin-Set II - Interior Application

HD Mortar

Patene Artectura Coloration System - Interior Application

High Performance Coating - Broadcast Aggregate System

High Performance Coating - Broadcast Flake System

High Performance Coating - Solid Coating System (Florspartic 100)


Micro-Top by Bomanite - Interior Application

Patene Artectura Coloration System - Exterior Application

Micro-Top XT by Bomanite - Exterior Application

STEP 4: Request Information

I would like to be contacted by the manufacturer regarding Submittal Compliance Document A201, Section 3.12.3: Samples



I would like to be contacted by the manufacturer regarding Submittal Compliance Document A201, Section 3.12.1: Shop Drawings